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• Soft annealed to hardness up to HB 250
             • Pre-hardened to two ranges:
               - HRC 30-37
               - HRC 38-44
             • Hardened to two ranges:
               - HRC 45-49
               - HRC 50-55
               - HRC 56-63 and more

               Table 1 shows some features of the most typical tool steels that are common in the
               die and mold industry.

               Table 1 Typical Tool Steels for Die and Mold Making

                                Designation        Delivery
               Category                                          Hardening     Application examples
                            AISI/SAE DIN W.-Nr. Annealed to Prehardened
                                                                               Cold blanking, extrusion,
                              A2     1.2363   HB 220             HRC 56-60
                                                                                coining dies, molds
                                                                            Cold stamping and extrusion dies
                              D2     1.2379   HB 210             HRC 56-62        and punches,
               Cold-work                                                      forging dies, master hobs
               tool steels

                              D3     1.2080   HB 240             HRC 56-62  Cold stamping dies and punches
                                                                               Forming dies and parts,               Die and Mold Materials
                              O1     1.2510   HB 200             HRC 58-62
                                                                                 cold stamping dies
                              H11    1.2343   HB 180             HRC 46-52  Hot extrusion dies, plastic molds
               tool steels                                                    Die-casting dies, punches,
                              H13    1.2344   HB 190             HRC 44-54
                                                                                   plastic molds
               Plastic mold   P20    1.2330   HB 280   HRC 32-36  HRC 48-52       Plastic molds
               Shock-resistant   S7           HB 200             HRC 50-58  Hot forging dies, punches, master
               steels                                                         hobs, cold extrusion dies
               Special-                                                    Drop forging dies, die-casting dies,
               purpose steels  L6    1.2713   HB 230   HRC 36-44  HRC 50-60        plastic molds

               Not relating directly to tool steels, so called maraging steels (the term includes the words
               martensitic and aging) became be more and more usable in die and mold making, particularly, in
               manufacturing plastic molds. They have relatively high Ni and Co percentage, can be supplied in
               pre-hardened state (HRC 30-36, Maraging 250 and Maraging 300, for instance) and are hardened
               to HRC 58. Nevertheless, despite their dimensional stability and good polishability, they are still
               considerably expensive comparing with mold steels, and therefore their application in the die and
               mold industry is limited.


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