ISCAR Seminars

    ISCAR conducts technical seminars throughout the year. Seminar participants include customers, prospective customers and ISCAR’s own personnel. Training seminars are held regularly at each of the company's worldwide marketing offices - many with specially designed seminar facilities - and at the Headquarters. Local ISCAR engineers with the assistance of an ISCAR Product Manager or R&D engineer present the seminar material. During most seminars, the participants are invited to see live demonstrations in the nearby ISCAR Technical Center. ISCAR believes that merely hearing about new products and their capabilities is not sufficient – rather, seeing is believing. At the end of all seminars, participants have the opportunity for one-on-one discussions with the participating ISCAR personnel.

    Customer Training
    Customer training and technical assistance are very important value-added services provided by ISCAR. A major factor in industry today is productivity. ISCAR has found a proven method to increase machining productivity: to provide its customers with extensive knowledge about the tools being used, their capabilities and their limitations, and providing them with alternative applications. Customers generally have a choice of locale for training – either at the customer's own location, on their shop floor, or at an ISCAR Technical Center. For engineers, the ISCAR Tech Center is usually preferred, as it gives the opporturity to see alternative equipment and processes. With respect to machine operators and other production personnel, training on their own machine generally provides the best results. ISCAR’s goal is to assist customers to increase their productivity. One method of accomplishing this is through training.

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