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                                      ABBREVIATION LIST

                        A         annealing (annealed)
                        ASTM      American Society for Testing and Materials
                        AM        additive manufacturing
                        BASCA     beta annealing followed by slow cooling and aging
                                  (beta annealed, slow cooled and aged)
                        Bling     bladed ring
                        Blisk     bladed disk
                        Blotor    bladed rotor
                        Blum      bladed drum
                        BUE       build-up edge
                        CAD/CAM   computer-aided design and manufacturing
                        CBN       cubic boron nitride
                        CNC       computer numerical control
                        CVD       chemical vapor deposition
                        DA        duplex annealing (duplex annealed)
                        Dia.      diameter
                        DOC       depth of cut
                        ELI       extra low interstitials
                        FF        fast feed*
                        HFM       high feed milling
                        HPC       high pressure coolant
                        HSM       high speed milling, high speed machining
                        HSS       high-speed steel
                        IBR       integrally bladed rotors (IBR)
                        ISO       International Organization for Standardization
                        MTB       machine tool builder (builders)
                        MRR       metal removal rate
                        PCD       polycrystalline diamond
                        PVD       physical vapor deposition
                        R         rolling (rolled)
                        SCEM      solid carbide endmills
                        STA       solution treatment and annealing (solution treated and annealed)
                        UHPC      ultra high pressure coolant
                        WOC       width of cut

                        * fast feed is synonymic with high feed

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