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                                   A WORD TO THE READER

                        Titanium and its alloys are widely used in modern industry. Today, due to exceptional strength-
                        to-weight ratio, high corrosion resistance and performance over a wide temperature range,
                        these lightweight metals are essential elements in the designs of aerospace, shipbuilding,
                        chemistry and medicine. Aircraft frame components, stressed skins, fasteners, compressor
                        disks and blades, casings, marine screw propellers, and orthopedic implants - these
                        are some typical examples of parts and units made from titanium and its alloys.

                        In spite of these indisputable advantages, titanium and titanium alloys are characterized by certain
                        disadvantages; and poor machinability is one of them. Indeed, the Titans were also imperfect– the
                        mythical giants after whom a new lightweight metal, discovered in the late 18th century, was named.

                        Manufacturers of cutting tools make great efforts to improve their products intended for machining
                        titanium. At ISCAR, we consider the issue of high-performance cutting tools for machining
                        titanium as a primary-importance direction of our work. Our ongoing research and development
                        aim to provide the industry with effective and reliable cutting tools for productive machining of
                        titanium. A guide on how to choose and operate the tools intelligently also contributes to the
                        effectiveness of machining; we hope that this quick reference guide in milling titanium will act
                        as a useful reference tool and a real help in machining titanium with modern ISCAR tools.

                        The main aim of the guide is to assist in selecting the most suitable rotating tool
                        for machining titanium, and to quickly find initial cutting data required for operating
                        the tool. The guide contains additional data about titanium machinability, tool
                        materials, coolant supply, shop talk, and even some historical anecdotes.

                        With compliments,

                        ISCAR team,
                        Your partner in intelligent machining

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