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                  Cemented Carbide Grades for Milling Titanium

                  In indexable milling, ISCAR proposes several grades that were designed especially                      MILLING TITANIUM
                  for machining ISO S materials including titanium. Some of the grades are the
                  main grades; the others are considered as complementary.  Fig. 3 characterizes
                  the application field of the grades in accordance with ISO 513.

                 Producers of titanium parts have high hopes for additive manufacturing (AM),  that it will be a wind of
                 serious changes in technology. AM allows forming a nearer-to-net shape part to minimize machining
                 operations substantially. Removing high-volume material during rough cuts will be cancelled and it
                 will automatically change the machine tool population of a company: heavy duty machines will simply
                 disappear. However, despite the great success of AM, experts believe that introducing this innovative
                 and promising method will take time. Strict safety requirements from the aerospace industry, the
                 main consumer of titanium components, necessitate extreme caution in adoption of the new ideas.

                  ISO S GRADES

                    S15              IC808
                                     IC908                      IC830
                    S20                       IC840                               IC5820
                                                                         IC330              IC830
                    S25                                IC882             IC328              IC928

                         Main grade           Complementary grade  Post-coating SUMO TEC treatment
                                                                   Post-coating treatment
                 IC380- Especially for milling Ti in stable conditions
                 Fig. 3 ISCAR carbide grades for indexable milling titanium

                  The main grades are represented by IC808/IC908 (the hardest grades),
                  IC882 (the toughest grade) and IC840, which is in between.

                  The complementary grades demonstrate good results in specific applications,
                  such as IC380 with its impressing performance when milling in stable conditions,
                  and, therefore, they can be used in machining titanium as well.

                 Fig. 4 Bronze “sun tan” carbide inserts

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