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Basic Considerations
            Following all the recommendations below (as closely as possible)
            will greatly improve WHISPERLINE tool performance.

           1  Bar D-min parameter should be 10%- 20% smaller than the
            machined bore to allow for chip evacuation and deflection.

            Example: For a bore diameter of 80 mm (3") it is recommended to use a 60 mm (2.5")                           USER GUIDE - WHISPERLINE VIBRATION DAMPING TOOLS FOR LATHE MACHINES
            bar rather than a 80 mm (3") bar. Although the 80 mm bar is stiffer, the lack of space
            for chip evacuation will decrease the surface finish and can cause breakages.

           2  Clamping stability is crucial! Please follow the guidelines below as strictly as possible:
          a  Increase clamping length as much as possible.
            The minimum recommended length is 4 X bar diameter.

                                                                            Clamping length

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